1900 era, Cagney Bros. Amusment Park Train

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15" Cagney train, built in New York City, NY

Cagney steam train

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For Sale: This train is mostly there but is missing some parts. The roof is original but the sides of the cab are not. The bell, whistle & head light are missing as well as half of the cow-catcher. (see pics) The boiler was brand new in 1966 & it’s never been fired. We have the boiler paper work. (see pics at bottom of page) The engine & running gear was rebuilt years ago & is in good shape. It's currently blocked up & can run in place off compressed air. Some of the steam lines are hooked up but the original throttle valve is missing. The grates are in the fire box but there's no ash pan under the boiler. There is no tender car with this engine & we've had wheels recast in ductile iron to build one. This engine has been stored inside, like seen in the pictures, since 1966. One bolt-down wing is missing off the smoke-stack. The reverse lever linkage (shown in the pics, under the train) works but the arm is galvanized & probably not original. It comes with about 100 ft. of track, straights & curves, at least enough to make a loop.

We've owned this train for about 20 years. Any offer over $25,000 will be considered. We have access to brass & iron foundries & have a machine shop; for any less than that we'll restore it. The train engine looks a little rustier than it really is because its covered with dust & oil.

Some pictures were taken before & after oiling the train. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions. We're located in New Washington, Ohio. (40 miles South of Sandusky. We're also 6 miles North of St. Rt. 30 & about 25 miles South of the turnpike.)

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Added on 10/20/2010,

All we know on the history of this train is that the boiler was built brand new by the Toronto Boiler Works in 1966. For some reason the train was never completely put back together. The man it was purchased from, the late Fred Ruddell, bought it at a sale sometime after 1966. He had said that the original bell for the train was at the sale but sold separately. According to the boiler test paper work from 1979, Fred either purchased the train in 1979 or at an earlier date & regained interest in the engine & planned to restore it. For whatever reasons, the train was never finished after the new boiler. There are stampings on the boiler & the information is below;

Added on 10/21/2010,

Some pictures of inside the firebox & the boiler stampings.

The stampings on the boiler are as follows;

(Note: one digit was double stamped over twice, it’s either a "1" or a "2")

C.R.N.D. 5637.5

R.B.1.LTD 5171556

STELCO F.B. 55000

MAX. W.P.S. 175 LB.

H.S. 21 SOFT.



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Boiler paper work

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